I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Suzi Gilbert. I'm an aspiring artist who loves to design and make teddy bears... big, small, conservative, outrageous... I love them all!!!! An accountant by trade I became a bear artist quite by accident. I chair our local library's primary fundraiser - an auction - and was inspired to donate an item myself. An avid teddy bear collector I decided to make a bear. Many many hours later "Miss Vivian" was born. As a caring, funloving gal who enjoyed reading mystery novels she was quite a success!! Since I had always enjoyed reading mystery novels she was quite a success!! Since I had always enjoyed dabbling in the arts I found myself on the road to a new career.

All my bears are made from the finest material - German or English mohair or alpaca - and are created in a smoke free environment. I process and dye much of the fur myself to create one of a kind colors and textures. I design all the patterns for the bears and clothing and love to incorporate vintage fabrics and jewelry. Each bear has a very distinct personality including a name and birthdate. For example meet the Socialities who love furs, boas, and vintage jewelry, or the Church Ladies who still consider hats and patent leather purses a must!! I limit most of my designs to no more than five of any edition and each bear is signed and dated.

I recently introduced "Heirloom Bears". These bears are made to the customer's specifications out of an item that belongs to them or a loved one... Grandma's fur coat, Mom's quilt, Dad's favorite shirt or sweater, even Baby's treasured blanket. Click on the Heirloom Bears link above for more detailed information.

As I'm sure you can see, creating bears is more a joy than a job for me. My goal is not just to make a bear but to make a bear that will become a very special member of your family.